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10 Ways to Become a Locavore

  1. Visit a farmers’ market.
  2. Lobby your supermarket to stock locally grown food.
  3. Choose 5 foods in your house that you can buy locally.
  4. Find a local Community Supported Agriculture Program like Kauai Agricultural Initiative and sign-up!
  5. Preserve a local food for the winter.
  6. Find out which restaurants in your area support local farmers.
  7. Host a local Thanksgiving.
  8. Buy from local vendors.
  9. Ask about origins. Not locally grown? Then where is it from?
  10. Visit a farm.

Participants in the 2013 Range and Food Festival

Please check back later in the year to see an updated list of participants for 2013


Partial List of Participants 2009-2011

The Creative Skills of the Kaua‘i Island Chefs Will Delight Your Taste Buds while Serving Nutritious and Healthy Meals.

  • Brennecke’s • Chef Dave Boucher
  • Contemporary Flavors Inc. • Executive Chef Kevin Nakata
  • Duke's Restaurant • Executive Sous Alex Amorin
  • Gaylord’s Restaurant • Executive Chef Andy Althouse
  • Grand Hyatt Kaua‘i Resort and Spa • Chef Benjamin Seaver
  • Hukilau Lanai • Executive Chef Aaron Leikam
  • Kalaheo Coffee Co. and Cafe • John Ferguson
  • Kaua‘i Marriott Resort and Beach Club • Executive Chef Guy Higa
  • Merriman’s Kaua‘i • Phillip Wang
  • Monico’s Taqueria • Chef and Owner Monico Hernandez
  • Roy’s Poipu Bar and Grill • Executive Chef Matthew Dela Cruz
  • Sheraton Kaua‘i Resort • Culinary Team
  • Culinary Chefs from the Culinary Arts, KCC


Partial List of Participants 2009-2011

Great Appreciation to the Farmers The hard working men and women that keep our local foods available and who know the vision of tomorrow is what the farmers do today!

  • Campus Garden at Kaua‘i Community College
  • Hanalei Poi
  • M. Fitzgerald Farm
  • Hanalei Taro & Juice Co.
  • Rodney & Karol Haraguchi, Taro
  • W.T. Haraguchi Farm Inc.
  • Hua Nui Farms
  • Kolo Kai Organic Farm
  • Kaua‘i Kunana Dairy
  • Rainbow Garden Sprouts
  • Roy Oyama, Oyama Farms
  • Jeremy Inman, SouthShoreganics
  • Yoshii Farms
  • Taro Ko Farm, Kaua‘i Farmers Coop
  • Kaua‘i Fresh Farms
  • Growing Strong Organics


Partial List of Participants 2009-2011

The Paniolo history dates back to the 1800’s. Deeply embedded in our island culture, the cattlemen and ranchers have long been a part of Kaua‘i history. Honoring hard work and labor throughtout many generations has kept the cattle industry alive and well. It has been a difficult task during these changing times.

We are honoring and supporting Kaua‘i’s agricultural industry when we buy local meats.

Local Lamb

  • Daryl Kaneshiro, Omao Farms

Local Pork

  • M&H Kaneshiro Farms

Local Beef

  • Duane Shimogawa of A‘akukui Ranch
  • William Sanchez

Where to Purchase Kaua‘i Beef 2009

  • North: Princeville Chevron Mini Mart
  • East: Kojima Store, Kapaa • Wailua Country Store
  • South: Sueoka Market, Koloa
  • West: Medeiros Farms, Kalaheo • Ishihara Market, Waimea

Restaurants that serve local meat products

  • Gaylords
  • Hukilau Lani
  • Sheraton Poipu
  • Merrimans
  • Kauai Marriott
  • Ono Family Restaurant